Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fun with Friends Fabulous Cooking Class!

Happy first day of September!  I love this time of year! Football season has kicked off, fall is around the corner, and amazing aromas from the kitchen drift throughout the house.
This Friday I will be hosting my first in home cooking class. Yeahhh! To my pleasant surprise...the response back to attend this class was very quick. I am happy to say the class is now full of wonderful New Albany housewives! I'm so excited to share my excitement & love of cooking with my friends.  My wish is that I will be able to inspire my friends to fire up their own home kitchens and cook delicious meals for their friends and family.  The gift that keeps on giving! Love that! ; )
On the menu for the "Fun with Friends Fabulous Cooking Class"I will be preparing:
Lasagna, mixed field green salad with fresh basil vinaigrette dressing, and garlic bread.   Fresh, Fast, & Fabulous!  Enjoy your weekend my friends!
Eat Well - Live Well


  1. Tracy, Where's that fabulous quiche recipe you promised me, the one we had for lunch yesterday in cooking class. The class yesterday, was a ton of fun and very informative. I can’t wait for the next one in October, make sure you hold me a spot. Thank you again for providing the recipes and the goodie bag with the tips for cooking. We are having the Lasagna 4 dinner 2night… Lisa

  2. I love it!!! I had such a blast with you girls!! I'm viisualizing you waving my red sad face spatula while i was preparing the!!!! The quiche recipe is coming soon to

  3. My family loved your lasagna. I froze a few pieces for after school snacks as you suggested. Thank you so much for a truly enjoyable day......Cindy